Colette Aimée                                 Exhibition Resume/CV


Current Exhibitions:

Past Featured Exhibitions:

4/7-4/29/2017- “Redefining Identity”- Lynn Tendler Bignel Gallery- Brookfield CT

3/31/2017- “Drowning in and DewDrops”, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, NY, NY

            12/16-1/2017- “The Whimsical World of Colette Aimee”, Sister Sorel, Boston, MA

            4/2016- Booze and Pancakes, Space Ibiza, New York, NY

            2015-2016- Spiritual Haze Mural Project, Worcester, Massachusetts

            2015-2016- For The Love of Glass Boston, Allston, Massachusetts

            7/2015- Art Deco installation, Spectral Arts and Music Festival, New Hampshire

            6/2015- MergeArts Boston Exhibition

            1/2015- This is Art Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island

            9/2014- Solo Show at Electric Haze, Worcester, MA

            1/2014- Solo show at Julian’s, Providence, RI

            10/2013- RAWARDS Winner for RAW Boston at Rumor, Boston, MA

             2/2013- Showcase at RAW BOSTON for “Discovery” at Rumor, Boston, MA


            4/2012- JMK Entertainment; “Simply Sexual”;  Solo Show; Pawtucket, RI

            12/2010- Solo Show at Bacchus Gallery, New Paltz, NY

            10/2010- Solo Show at “Don’s Art Gallery” for First Friday, Albany, NY

            10/2009- Solo Show at “Red Square” Albany, NY.

             2/2007-  Solo Show at “Siegfried’s Basement” in NY, NY



            Electric Haze, Worcester, MA

            The Green Side Up Gallery, Providence, RI

           The Spot Underground, Providence, RI

            RAW Boston

            MergeArts Boston



4/4/18- Heady Vermont Magazine- Click Here

8/2014- Soul Bloom Spotlight; F.A.R.M Festival

1/2014- “Art Seen; Paintings by Colette Aimee” by AngeloMarinosci Jr., Motif Magazine, Providence, RI ,

5/2012 - Featured Artist in May 2012 issue of “ReLeaf” Magazine (Centerfold), Providence, RI

12/2010- The Times Herald, “Beyond Blissful Luminocity”Exhibits & Galleries: Colette Aimee Burmester at Bacchus , By DB Leonard           


Past Group Exhibitions:

            11/22/2014- 1/3/2015- “Naughty or Nice” Group show at Yellow Peril Gallery, Providence, RI

          4/26/2013- “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” at Suede Gallery, LA

            2/2012- Goddesses and Women Spirits Group Show; Angelnook Gallery; Cranston, RI

            4/2012- “Chakra Forces” Group Show; Angelnook Gallery, Cranston, RI

            6/2012- “Spiritual Surreal” Group Show; Angelnook Gallery; Cranston, RI

            2011-2012- Documentary, “100 Artists, 100 Dreams” by La Leona Arts, Kingston, NY

11/2010- ART WHINO, in Washington, DC, the “Modus Union Parisian Salon”

10/2010- Group Show with “COTA”: New Paltz, NY

8/2010- Live Painting at “Gig in the Sky”:Windham, NY

           7/2010- “Gathering of the Vibes” at “The Art Gallery” at Gathering of the Vibes: Bridgeport, CT

           7/2010- “Artwell’s 14th annual Juried Open Exhibition” at Artwell: Torrington, CT

           7/2010- “Capturing Memories in Art” at the Blue Door Gallery: Yonkers, NY

5/2010- “Just for Squares” at the Hudson Valley Gallery (2nd placewinner):Cornwall on Hudson, NY

12/ 2009- “The Worlds Smallest Canvas Competition” at the Hudson Valley Gallery , (3rd place out of 200 entries was awarded to Colette): Corwall on Hudson, NY

            9/2009-  Group Show at “The Center for New Media and the Arts”:Bethel, CT

            5/2009- Group show at “Arts on the Lake”: Carmel, NY

            5/2009- Group show at “The Center for New Media and theArts”: Bethel, CT

            5/2009- Group show at "Avenue A”: NY, NY

            3/2009- Group show at ArtWell Gallery: Torrington, CT

            3/2009- Group Graffiti show in at the Dohrmor Art space: Wappingers Falls, NY

            3/09, 7/2009- Group show at the Kent Art Association: Kent, CT

            3/09- Group show exhibition at G.A.S. in Poughkeepsie, NY.

            1/2008-9/2010- Showing online at

12/08-   Group Show “The Worlds Smallest Canvas Competition” at the Hudson Valley Gallery, (7th place out of 150 artists was awarded to Colette): Corwall on Hudson, NY

7/08- Group Show exhibition at the “Gathering of the Vibes” music festival art Gallery in Bridgeport, CT.

           8/07- Group Show exhibition in the U.S. Virgin Islands at Maho Bay Camps Art Gallery.

            7/07-  Group Show exhibition at “Art’s on the Lake” Art show in Carmel, NY. 

12/06- Group show at the Samuel Dorskey Museum of Art at the State University of New Paltz, New Paltz, NY